Seek Ye Magnificence

By 1492, Columbus had borrowed a bunch of money from the Spanish monarchy and set sail with a crazy idea that a shorter, western route to the Orient existed. He didn't hit the Orient, but smacked into a new continent and sparked an age of exploration of the rest of the planet. Not bad for a first venture.

We are the pioneers

Some would call Columbus crazy. We call him inspirational. Freefall Creative is a Harrisburg-based creative firm that builds web and mobile products around strong brand centers for organizations who know convention doesn't garner attention. Like Columbus, our team parlays its unorthodox view of the world, the scars of a few skinned knees, and street-smart ingenuity to create fresh solutions to practical problems. Freefall is who you hire to pioneer new territory; to sail west and carve out your chunk of "New World."

Interactive Branding

Branding, Strategy + Digital Marketing

Know who you are and plant your flag in some new terra firma for others to see. We build fresh, strong brand identities our clients can hoist high to act as a beacon to customers, a warning to competitors.

Brand identity is far more than just a logo, a signature or a unique mark. It's everything that mark implies or stands for. Strong brand identities create expectations and change perceptions. They define the voice and personality of a company. They demonstrate the quality, service and integrity customers can expect. Strong brand identities don't just influence perceptions, they create them.

Columbus is indellibly known as "the guy who discovered the Americas." Eat that Coca-Cola. That there is unbeatable branding.

We like to keep it interesting and work with clients from many different industries. It has given us a unique capability to bring fresh insight from one seemingly unrelated area to solve problems in another. We've accumulated in-depth knowledge of some pretty unlikely stuff as a result of this cross-training that enables us to build succinct and clear brands that communicate the very essence of our clients' companies.

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Web & Mobile

We build bulletproof brands online

Web and mobile compentency is an extension of branding. How easy your site is to navigate and whether or not you extend convenience to customers through mobile says things about how progressive, customer-centric or accessible your brand is. The quality of your web presence shows how your company thinks, what it prioritizes and what it values. We can't think of a better place to show your customers what you're made of. Smarter consumers these days demand this access to the brands to which they are loyal. Ignore the web or get it wrong and you could vaporize your market just like that.

We turn technology into brand-building tools. Tech is an ingredient in the brand mix that sometimes calls for a pinch and other times becomes the main course. We build web products, traditional web sites, mobile-optimized/responsive web sites and mobile apps to extend our clients' brands to meet strategic business objectives.

Check out a few of our favorite projects:

Plastic Surgeons of Sarasota: Sarasota, FL — A group of doctors came to Freefall with the primary objective to get a presence developed online and in print quickly to legitimize and promote their established group of board-certified plastic surgeons. Freefall took the reigns and developed a comprehensive, educational, mobile-accessible site to serve as the landing for promotional activities.

PensionPro: Harrisburg, PA —This startup initially wanted us to develop a user interface and design for their software product Workflow™. As we worked together, we discovered opportunities to develop a strong brand with all the trimmings around their industry-changing product. We eventually developed a working relationship as their marketing support as well, taking many of their traditional activities online and social.

Sturges Speakeasy: Harrisburg, PA — An establishment that had been a lively staple in the city for decades was bought, rebranded, and revitalized. The web and social presence of the Speakeasy leads the charge in engaging the city's nightlife, cuisine, and entertainment-seekers. Capturing the charm of the venue was important to welcome the community into the best little neighborhood secret in town.

CareCheck24: Nashville, TN — An established elder/assisted care brand wanted to improve the quality of care and connect families better through web and mobile. Freefall had just the thing. We developed a ground-breaking web app that all but eliminated all paper processes and enabled loved ones to remain connected to the quality of care of their loved ones at the caregiver level with CareCheck 24.

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Company Culture

Pioneer, take risk, embrace startup spirit

Startup companies have something to prove. They have big goals to accomplish but limited budgets to do it. They have to be smart and get the most bang out of every dollar, make every action count. We believe this thinking is universal, good for any company that wants to remain relevant, budget wisely and get results.

After being convinced to skydive for the first time, Freefall founder Jay Bowser's perspective was forever changed. He discovered the thrill of hurling at 125 miles per hour toward the Earth had a similar appeal to launching new companies, brands and products which he has done all of his professional life. Both activities require a synthesis of process, experience and risk with a huge potential payoff. While the fun factor can be enormous, a lack of experience or ignorance to details can turn a joy ride into your last ride.

Jay Bowser

Creative Director, Principal

Jay founded Freefall to build a creative firm that leverages his team's real-world experience in new thinking, startup concepts and rule-breaking to guide clients out the jump door to the ride of their lives. Following 15+ years of building and selling his own companies, and as Creative Director and Brand Strategist hired by businesses and government agencies around the U.S., Jay answered the call of a growing client roster by forming Freefall.

Great relationships bear great work. Jay's successes have been driven by a deep empathy for clients. Having been in many of the same situations over his 15+ years building businesses, walking in their shoes illuminates solutions traditional agencies miss because their focus stops at a deliverable to the client, not the client's ultimate success. Jay values long-term relationships with Freefall clients and proudly calls many of our clients friends.

He'd be happy to discuss further — that is, if you can catch him. Jay is an ultramarathoner who can be found running 5+ miles daily. He completed his first ultra (50K/31mi) in October 2013 — in typical type-A fashion — prior to running his first marathon in November 2013. But for now he'll settle for discussing your next big idea over a Guinness.

Nic Banting


Nic earned his stripes over the last 10 years working in and for large organizations trying to change their ways. He came to Freefall with a varied toolkit that helps him surgically target business objectives with creative web and mobile strategies that boost branding and sales opportunities.

Versed in marketing, psychology and statistics, Nic will always look at harmonizing brand with all elements of the customer experience. His marketing prowess values an approach that aligns all available tools for longer, sustainable sales. Well-done creative can have marvelous effect. But sometimes fixing your billing process will generate higher sustainable sales than a flashy advertising campaign.

Nic is a leader and master motivator who works with Freefall's client roster to bolster inspiration, balance and resolve. We learned from the Beatles that team dynamic is everything which we adopt as part of our process and attribute to a large part of our success.

In his spare time Nic can be found somewhere on the planet hurtling at high speeds or on his beloved yoga mat.

Working from the hub city of Harrisburg, PA puts us anywhere by noon

Harrisburg, PA is unique in that it connects all major road and rail systems that lead to top east coast cities. We work with our clients in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, and others in our blast radius like we're neighbors.

Great relationships bear great work

Freefall selects clients and projects carefully. We shun the mentality of the typical "turn-and-burn" agency that prioritizes invoicing over work integrity. We necessarily must be deeply vested in our client relationships and choose projects that we really believe in. While working with startups affords us the most freedom to whip out our full toolbox, we bring our startup sensibilities into established organizations to reinvigorate their brands, to get them and their customers thinking differently.

To us, work IS playtime. We pride ourselves on accesibility since no great idea waits until Monday morning. We are students of life, always learning, innovating. We become part of your team as you become part of ours and work tirelessly until the job's done. And, of course, we always make time for fun.

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Work Here

Find adventure in your work

We want to take on more and bigger projects with the right team as wind in our sails. We're currently looking to fill a number of positions so if you have the goods and you are willing to take the jump with us (literally and figuratively), drop a line.

Interactive Designer

Location: Harrisburg, PA

We're looking for a designer with a sense for simplicity and elegance, color and style, an appreciation for branding, and who may have an obsessive urge to line up everything to the pixel. The Interactive Designer we want to work with understands how css/html goes together to make usable web sites, and has the ability to deliver the essence of a brand through the feel of web and mobile sites and tools. Our ideal Interactive Designer candidate must have:

  • appreciation for the role of interactive as an extension of a brand
  • practical understanding of CSS/HTML/JavaScript (knowing how to code it only helps)
  • design experience with web and mobile, data visualization and infographics
  • practical understanding of responsive web (+mobile) design mechanics
  • practical appreciation for "UI/UX" as part of design without all the BS pretense
  • a decent sense of humor

Does this sound like you? Shoot us a note with your online portfolio or links to work samples along with your resume/experience and contact information. Let's see what we can do together.

Interface Developer

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Have you figured out how to replicate a JQuery slide effect without the need to load the entire 90k UI library? Does it give you chills down your spine when you collapse your browser window down to 480px and everything crushes up perfectly? Do you note one of your biggest successes in life getting a modal window to center dynamically in the window? We should probably talk then. The UI Developer we're looking for must have:

  • proven, practical experience with CSS/HTML, JavaScript, JQuery/JQuery UI (PHP is a plus)
  • experience with various frameworks and templates (Wordpress, CodeIgniter, Drupal)
  • a reasonable sense of good design even if you're not necessarily a designer
  • understanding of how humans use interfaces and task
  • appreciation for clean, minimal code
  • core experience with Photoshop to prep web graphics

Does this sound like you? Shoot us a note with your online portfolio or links to work samples along with your resume/experience and contact information. Let's see what we can do together.


Drop us a line

Now that you have a taste of what we're capable of, let's connect to see how we can save the day for you. Got a new business concept? Our favorite! Need to shake the dust off your brand and engage today's market? Love it! Want to make your company more web and mobile-friendly? Right on! We eat this stuff for breakfast!

Freefall Creative

Harrisburg, PA, USA

Skilled designers, developers, creatives & strategists:

We're hungry for new creative talent, especially in the Harrisburg area. We're also the most fun to work with. We may even take you skydiving someday. If you're looking to do something different, let's talk. Please include a link to your online portfolio or related work.

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